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The Lifeline Hospital

Wellness Clinic

Harmony of Mind and Body in well-being is essentially what we call a healthy person. The Lifeline Hospital’s Wellness clinic ushers revitalization of your physical and emotional aspects of life. Our Wellness specialists will help you cope with your ailments, pregnancy, physiological and psychological instabilities, and preparedness for surgeries. 

The Lifeline Hospital’s Antenatal or Maternity Care is dedicated to comprehensive pregnancy care for the mother and the birth of the baby. We have wellness health experts devoted to taking care of visible and subtle levels of health conditions and guiding mothers to improve and maintain good health for a successful pregnancy.

The Lifeline Hospital’s Curative Maternity Classes 

We urge and thrive to help our mothers to be phenomenal in terms of their physical and emotional stability. Our Antenatal/Maternity Classes are designed to address everything to maintain optimum vital levels for mothers’ prenatal(pre-pregnancy), pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum stages and the overall health of the baby/babies. 

Wellness Classes Given to our mothers –

Nutrition Classes by our dietician – Classes on diet regulation in case of diabetes in pregnancy and on maintaining optimum weight during and after pregnancy.

Antenatal exercise Classes by our physiotherapists – Classes on maintaining correct postures, exercises to prevent Deep vein thrombosis and uterine prolapse, exercises to cope in labor including breathing exercises, as well as post-natal exercises to get back to shape.

Emotional Coping Classes by Psychologist – Mothers will be guided on stress prevention, emotional coping with the pregnant state as well as after birth, and relaxation techniques to adopt during labor pain.

Classes by lactation consultants – Mothers will be given training in breastfeeding postures, the importance of breastfeeding, correct ways to hold the baby, prevention, and treatment of cracked nipples as well as inverted nipples, and how to initiate complementary feeds later.

Yoga Training Classes – Our professional yoga instructor will train our mothers about various yoga poses that could benefit physical and mental strength for pregnancy and post-natal stages.

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