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The Lifeline Hospital

Blood Bank

The blood bank at The Lifeline Hospital started functioning in 2014.  Our blood bank serves rapid response to urgent blood components requests, checks pre-transfusion samples, and requests, assess immunological compatibility between donor and patient, selects suitable blood components for each clinical condition, safely delivers and handles blood components, maintains inventory and stock management, keeps interactions with the blood establishment and fulfill urgent requests. All blood collected is split into various components like Packed cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Cryoprecipitate, Platelets, and Single Donor Platelets on request.

The Blood Bank caters to in-patients and outpatients of the Hospital. Blood in excess is given to other Blood Banks or Hospitals belonging to the hospital. Our Blood Bank constantly works to assist patients who not only belong to Lifeline Hospital but also serve the needs of everyone in the community through trying times and any catastrophe (natural or man-made). The Blood Bank follows stringent quality control procedures and is meticulous in providing the appropriate product to patients in need following extensive testing.

Blood Donation Drives

For promoting voluntary blood donation, the Blood Bank regularly organizes Blood Donation Drives and Camps. An ongoing effort is made to educate patients’ friends and family on the significance of donating blood and encourage them to donate their blood to participate in a higher cause.

Blood Bank Services

    • Both whole blood and blood components are offered
    • 24/7 availability of blood and blood components including apheresis services
    • Fully integrated facility for fast and error free transfusion services
    • Offers all the common and specialized blood and components, such as platelets, red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, Cryoprecipitate, etc
    • Full time availability of qualified specialists in Transfusion Medicine for routine as well as difficult transfusion needs for patients admitted in the hospital
    • Whole Blood
    • Packed Red Cells
    • Saline washed Red Cells
    • Fresh frozen plasma
    • Random Platelet Concentrate
    • Cryoprecipitate
    • Leuco depleted single donor platelet by Plateletpheresis

Therapeutic Apheresis procedures which include:

  • Red Blood Cells Exchange
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  • The Cell reduction
  • White blood Cells, Platelets & Red Cells Depletion

Blood Component Therapy – is a replacement therapy wherein, blood is fractionated into its various components and a deficient component is replaced so that the damage due to lack of a particular component is prevented.

In an Apheresis, donors give only selected components depending on the donor’s blood type and the needs of the community. The remaining blood is returned to the donor.

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