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The Lifeline Hospital

Womans Care

Lifeline specializes in providing optimal treatments for female infertility and all related issues. Our extensively experienced doctors backed by latest machineries in the Gynecology and Obstetrics department assure world class treatment facilities for you.

Our Gynecology department offers innumerable services. The four dimensional Ultra Sound Scanning can be used to check whether any complications are with the external or internal organs of fetus, CDG Machine for detecting the working of heart is very effective. The Gynecology department also consists of Doppler studies by which blood circulation of fetus can be analyzed.

Functioning along with the Gynecology department to cater the treatment needs arising during the pregnancy and post-deliveryperiod, we also have highly functional Breast Clinic, HRT Clinic, Painless Labor Clinic and Fetal Reduction Clinic.

Completely air conditioned labor room are available for every category of people. The operation theatre has all the concerned equipment arranged in pendant system, i.e. suspending from the top without touching the floor. To expel the air inside and thus maintain pureness, laminar flow method is implemented. There are six such theatres and a post-operative ward with 35 beds. All needed machines are inbuilt here. Also to provide opportunity to deliver comfortably in presence of husband and other relatives, we have also arranged delivery suites.

Other provisions from Lifeline include Pap smear test, Colposcopy and other tests to detect and treat cancer at earlier stages. Our treatment methods like hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, myomectomy, abdominal hysterectomy, septoplasty and Gynecology cancer surgery are capable enough to alleviate all issues that are likely to intrude.

There is a special department equipped with ultra-modern machineries under the supervision of two highly experienced doctors retired from medical college to handle the cases of high risk pregnancy. This high risk pregnancy department takes all needed measures to identify the risks in advance and thus save pregnancy. Also many other related issues like recurrent abortions, premature delivery, death of fetus, blood clotting during and after pregnancy, blood pressure during pregnancy etc. are taken care of by this department.

All time round the clock availability of services from Gynecology and Obstetrics Department guarantees complete care and maximum comfort.

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