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The Lifeline Hospital

Vision And Mission


The vision of Lifeline Hospital is to become our nation’s top world-class healthcare provider ingrained in accessibility, affordability, commitment, and virtue, and disrupt the sector with breakthrough medical practices and innovations to elevate the quality of care to unprecedented levels.


The mission of LifeLine Hospital is to build, maintain and look after our community health, with unparalleled and affordable care, nurture a deep connection between patients, clinicians, teachers, researchers, and staff members to represent a society valuing gratitude, selfless work, commitment, accountability, and an urge to be an example to the younger generations.

Quality Policy

World-Class Service – keeping global healthcare standards, inducting the latest innovations, and caring with compassion
Ideal Work Ethics -maintaining a safe, ideal, and ethical work environment for clinicians and patients to gain positive outcomes. Use of ethical medicines, diagnosis and treatment measures, and nature advocacy
Integrity & Trust – an inclusive, encouraging, and caring culture based on integrity and trust where all can thrive.

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