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My Weight Loss Surgery

My name is Jyothi, a staff nurse who works in UK.This is my testimony about my experience before and after my bariatric surgery. Initially I would like to talk about my weight loss.I was born and brought abroad and due to the lifestyle there I used to be obese since childhood. I never used to take that as an issue as it would not bother me even though people gave me advice. Later when I was 23 I got married and after a few years I found out that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome and it was difficult for me to conceive. This news really shattered me more than my husband as we both liked kids.During those years I put on more weight that I found it difficult to perform my professional skills as a theatre practitioner in some areas. I went to see my local doctor here in UK and he adviced me on diets which did not work on me.I asked for other interventions for which they refused to do so as they thought I was not obese.This really dragged me to a state of slight depression, which created problems in my marriage and I even thought of adopting a child. My family and friends did not want the adoption to happen first they said to work on my weight. I started to research about bariatric surgery and I ended up with the procedure ‘Liposuction’.I started contacting doctors from Delhi, Bombay and Chennai, they gave me their rates and procedure plans.One day before making up my mind about liposuction,a family friend told me that he knew a nurse works at Lifeline Hospital (Adoor) , and he knows a person who has actually done a bariatric procedure which has shown good result. This information was then acting as a bright light at the end of a tunnel.I finally contacted Dr.Mathews John a fantastic doctor who actually took time to listen to my story and needs.He told that we would make a final decision with regards to the operation after a final consultation where he would see me face to face.Since I was working and I had limited days leave to have an operation done, Dr.Mathews John made sure everything was in place for me on my day of arrival to Lifeline Hospital. Finally after the meeting, Dr.Mathews John gave me a good insight of all the procedures that was available and he gave me a strong advice on which procedure to go for so that I could get a good outcome. I underwent a gastric sleeve procedure on November 2014 and my hospital stay and treatments were really good as well.I cannot remember of anything that I could say a bad comment on.Doctors,nurses,other hospital staff who came in contact to me they were all professional and well mannered. After a few weeks, I flew back to UK and was under the care of bariatric department and they were really amazed with the good results. Following the strict diet and instruction of my surgeon, I lost 35 kg within 1 year post – op for which the doctors in UK did not expect. Now the second part of my story, the thought that we had no kids in our marriage was still bothering me.Again I contacted Dr.Mathews John to speak about this issue and he told that he would arrange a consultation with Dr.Pappachan on my next arrival to Kerala. Hence on December 2015 , I flew to Kerala and straight away went Lifeline Hospital and Dr.Mathews John introduced me to Dr.Pappachan and I consulted him with regards to why I am not able to conceive. Dr.Pappachan did an internal ultrasound test to find out the reason, for which there was no hope as they could not see since the lining of the uterus was thick.He put me down for a complete blood test. After 2 hours I was called into the Dr.Cyriac Pappachans’ room and he broke the good news to me that I am already pregnant.Soon they prescribed me some medications which was crucial for myself and the baby.When I came back to Dr.Pappachan after a week, he again performed an internal ultrasound scan and told me that I am already 5 weeks pregnant.Further on he gave me guidance and medications with regards to the success of the pregnancy as my body was weak.

Finally with all the prayers, love and support I gave birth to a beautiful little girl on 4th September 2016 and we named her Anakha Teresa Santhosh. I would like to conclude in this testimony that my hospital experience to and fro was totally remarkable which helped me to come out of my slight depressive state. After seeing my progress on my weight loss, friends and their friends through Facebook and in person were amazed and I have recommended them this hospital.4 individuals have currently done their kind of weight loss surgery and are doing well.There are few others still contacting me to receive advice which I am really happy to give. All the staff, especially the doctors and the nurses looked after me very well.By God’s grace and prayers by everybody else, we were gifted a child to make our complete. Children are a gift from the lord, and they are a reward from him.(Psalms 127:3) All I can say now is a big thank you for making a hugh difference in my life which I totally did not expect.

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