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Department of Pulmonology

Department of Pulmonology aims at treating various respiratory diseases affecting lungs, pluma, and the airways. Given the prevalence of air pollution in our country, many people aging right from childhood to the elderly suffer from various plura airway diseases such as Asthma and OPD. We aim at attaining utmost care and cure from such diseases.

Our department provides various services like Pulmonary Function Test, Sleep Study – to diagnose and treat sleep disorders like obstructive Sleep Apnea, Obesity Hypoventilation syndrome etc.

Bronchoscopy for washings – in cases of pneumonia, hemoptysis, suspected case of TB.

Our Bronchoscope – Fuji film EB 530S is a latest one, which provides HD quality images with image freezing technique thus enabling to diagnose various conditions. Bronchoscope being slim enables easy passage through oral and nasal passages.

COVID 2019 pandemic has affected all individuals. In the Department of Pulmonology we diagnose and treat various post COVID complications like Post Covid Cough, Post Covid Breathlessness.

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Department of Pulmonology

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Department of Pulmonology


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