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The Lifeline Hospital

Department of Pulmonary Medicine

The Department of Pulmonary Medicine at the Lifeline Hospital takes the challenge of serving one’s respiratory and allergic issues with utmost care and quality. Breathlessness, exercise intolerance, coughs with or without expectoration and chest pain are certain symptoms that indicate an underlying pulmonary ailment, which need to be evaluated. Initial workup of one’s pulmonary condition involves basic tests like Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), Chest radiographs and blood evaluation which itself might be indicative of the etiology. Further specific diagnostic tests are indicated for specific ailments.

Allergies, especially of nose and respiratory tract are associated with asthma and related respiratory illnesses with recurrent exacerbations. Smoking related respiratory illnesses like emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchitis are another spectrum of diseases that we can serve with certainty. Admissions and OP based treatments for all respiratory ailments are our responsibility. Hence we are aimed at making the exact diagnosis of respiratory ailments and careful follow up of prognosis by quality checkups and clinical profile.

Our Doctors

Dr. Jerin Varghese

Consultant Chest Physician

3PM – 5.30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

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Dr. Jerin Varghese

Pulmonary Medicine

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