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Physiotherapy helps with the recovery, maintenance, and restoration of health and well-being of people and gets them back to a normal lifestyle.  Physiotherapy facilitates the recovery process with patients suffering from physical pain or sudden injury, managing a long-term medical condition such as asthma, or preparing for childbirth or a sporting event. The core of physiotherapy is to make patients positively involved in treatment procedures and speed up the recovery process.

Physiotherapy is used to improve a range of conditions associated with different systems of the body, such as:

Various approaches in physiotherapy:

The Lifeline Hospital’s Pregnancy Care with Physiotherapy

Specialists at The Lifeline Hospital give physiotherapy recommendations to our mother-to-be during the antenatal and postnatal period for making a healthier pregnancy, and normal delivery. Postnatal physiotherapy will help mothers regain their original shape.

Women are educated for facing all stages of their pregnancy – antenatal, labor, delivery, and childcare. They will be trained for safe and appropriate exercises according to their condition. Antenatal exercises are conducted according to the trimesters of pregnant women. Specialists will also be on watch to identify and treat musculoskeletal problems. After a normal delivery one can start exercising after two days, and in case of a c-section wait for five days or more. Postnatal exercises are conducted for muscle strengthening, regaining the shape of the body, and back strengthening exercises.

A physiotherapist treats conditions related to genetic, neurological, and orthopedic disorders through Chest physiotherapy, Physiotherapy for developmental delay, Limb length correction, Foot correction and management, and muscle strengthening exercises.

Physiotherapy can assist in patients treating infertility. They will assist in maintaining a healthy weight range that could reduce the risk of infertility and improve the chance of conceiving spontaneously and through assisted reproductive technologies, like IVF and IUI. Physiotherapy has been found effective in women, facing problems in conceiving, to have increased their rate of falling pregnant.



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