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Nutrition and Dietetics in The Lifeline Hospital function to accelerate the recovery process and maintain a quality health condition for our patients. Imparting healthy eating knowledge, diet planning, diet modifications, exercise guides, and nutritional counseling are our major duties.  The eating habits of each patient is monitored for recommending nutrition courses to give optimum nutrition supply for vitality and health. Custom nutrition plans are set for patients based on their age, gender, physiology, and medical history. The Lifeline Hospital focuses on dietary and nutrition plans for infertile couples, mother-to-be, children, and patients with specific health conditions to maintain a higher quality of life.
Couples treating infertility are recommended diet plans and physical activities to boost their fertility. We have a custom nutritional diet plan for our children. Healthy food habits in childhood and adolescence are one of the major factors for proper growth and development and immunity building, and we understand the significance of adopting a healthy nutrition diet plan from a very young age so that our younger generation will transform into a healthier society.
The Lifeline Hospital also has bariatric nutrition care for our patients. Dietary modifications are given based on their metabolism and needs.

The following nutrients are important to be included as per the required amount –

Maintaining a healthy nutritional diet will

Fertility diet for Women trying to get pregnant must:

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