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Developmental Therapy

Pediatric Developmental therapy in The Lifeline hospital provides intervention and prevention programs for infants and children if there is any case of development or growth delay.  Our development therapists examine the growth progress of a child in all areas of physical and mental aspects – cognition, language and speech development, motor skills, social-emotional development, self-help skills, and strength. The developmental therapist works on assisting and improving children with developmental challenges and disabilities in cognitive, social, and motor skills. Development therapy usually starts at an early age, between birth to three. For babies, therapists will focus on fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, expressive and receptive language skills, feeding and swallowing, strength, and muscle tone and will create a customized treatment plan that might call for additional services from a pediatric physiotherapist, nutritionist, and psychologist. Our therapists also conduct family sessions for imparting home-based (natural environment) action plans to achieve treatment goals.

Notice if your child experiences the following challenges:

Benefits of developmental therapy

Developmental therapists could anticipate potential developmental risks and delays in physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral spheres of life. Therapy sessions will significantly improve the mental and physical health of any child.

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