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The Lifeline Hospital

Clinical Psychology

The Psychological Department of the Lifeline Hospital provides services through well trained and experienced Psychologist, who conducts counselling, performs assessments, run groups, conduct family-based behavioral interventions, and provide psychological consultations to assist in treatment planning. The Hospital offers an atmosphere of exceptional support that enriches emotional well-being and improve the quality of life our patients.

Services provided are Counselling and Assessment and Training for pregnant women, children and adolescents, youth, adults, and transgender.

Counselling (Individual /Group)

  • Child and adolescent: School denial problem, Bullying, Academic issues, Memory Improvement, Motivation building, Attention Deficit Disorders, Low self-esteem/confidence, Mental health conditions and psychological distress, Grief and the death of a loved one, pet, home, etc., Witnessing or experiencing a trauma event(s), Sexual, emotional, and/or physical abuse, Relocation issues (i.e. changing schools, homes, families, and/or cities/states), cyber and substance addiction, Family substance abuse or addiction.
  • Youth: Low self-esteem/confidence, Mental health conditions and psychological distress, Unemployment/ underemployment, Relationships, sex and sexual identity, Drug and alcohol abuse, Financial concerns, Work related problems, Illness / disability, Family breakdown, Legal issues.
  • Couple: Communication issues, Infertility, Miscarriage, Sexual disorders, Declining occurrences of sexual Intimacy and sexual preferences, Unwanted pregnancy, Infidelity, Values and beliefs, Traumatic situations, stress, Boredom, Jealousy, Financial crises, Domestic Violence, Addiction, Household duties, Illness, In-laws, Personality Differences, Mistrust, Cheating.
  • Family: Frequent arguments and disagreements, Breakdown in communication, Angry outbursts, Violence, Addiction, Stress, Financial problems, Onset of mental health problems and other health problems, Lack of trust/respect in a relationship, Parenting issues, Death of a loved one
  • Pre-marital: Premarital preparation and Counselling

Assessment and Training

Assessment and training aims to clarify the factors that contribute to the patient’s or client’s presenting problems through (i) Learning Disability Assessments; (ii) Remedial classes; (iii) Personality development; (iv) Soft skill training; (v) Work stress management; and (vi) Mind power training.

Our Psychologists

Smt. Seenai Tito


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Smt. Seenai Tito

Clinical Psychology

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