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The Lifeline Hospital

Adolescent Clinic

The Lifeline Hospital’s Adolescent Clinic is a specialised facility designed to cater to teenagers during their transitional phase from childhood to adulthood. Recognising the unique needs of this age group, we offer dedicated care and concern for their physical and emotional well-being. Adolescence is a critical period characterised by significant changes in terms of physical maturity, sexuality, emotions, and mental constitution. At The Lifeline Hospital, we are committed to providing excellent care for teenagers, offering customised treatment options that address both their physical and psychological aspects. As the best IVF hospital in Kerala, we extend our expertise and commitment to ensure the well-rounded growth and development of adolescents, empowering them to embrace adulthood with confidence and good health.

Common Issues Associated with Adolescence

Menstrual problems in young women – irregular periods, painful periods, and missing periods.
Adolescents with an eating disorder
Adolescents with anxiety, stress, and depression
Teens with a lack of attention
Poor Academic Performance
Body Image problem
Teenage problem with parents

The Lifeline Hospital’s Adolescent Medicine 

Our team of diversified experts focuses on the physical and emotional issues of young adults, including puberty, identity, sexuality, mental health, and social and emotional development. Our gynecologists detect and treat gynecological issues in teens at an early age itself preventing possibilities of novel diseases and fertility problems in the future. Our psychologists support adolescents with anxiety, stress, body image issues, and academic problems to overcome their shortcomings. We also have a dietician who will conduct a nutritional assessment and formulate healthy diet plans for teens to achieve optimum weight.

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