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54 Year Old gave Birth to a Baby Boy

After eons of waiting, it was the best dream come true for the 54 year old Shanthamma when she gave birth to a baby boy. It was after a long 29 years of marriage that the couple Chandran Pillai and Shanthamma got blessed with a child. The couple got married in 1995 and they had waited a very long time for a baby while working in Bahrain. Though the couple underwent many treatments there, nothing helped them. On thorough examination, she was diagnosed to have a cyst in her uterus and she underwent treatment for two years again with no yield at all. Though they went back to Bahrain, they later came to Kerala in 2004. When the couple were trying to cope with the resentment of not having a baby, the news of an aged-couple who were blessed with a child as the result of treatment from Dr. S. Pappachan, Lifeline Hospital, Adoor came as new hope for the couple. According to the advice of Dr. Pappachan, the couple took treatment procedures for three months and Shanthamma underwent IVF treatment on February 26, 2014. The scanning result came as an incredible surprise when she was informed to have conceived a baby. Lifeline Hospital took care of her for the next 35 weeks and on 9 October 2014, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

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